Sedation Dentistry, Statesville, NC

Sedation dentistry makes safe, gentle dental visits possible.

If you are nervous or apprehensive about going to the dentist, don’t worry- you are not alone. Many people experience some level of anxiety when it comes to dental care, especially if the procedures needed are extensive. For some people, the level of anxiety surpasses that of discomfort and can actually keep them from visiting the dentist, even when they know there is a legitimate need. Whether you experience severe anxiety, know that you have some extensive dental work in your future, or are worried about the discomfort you might feel, we at Kotis Family Dentistry are pleased to help you with the aid of sedation dentistry.

Sedation Dentistry in Statesville, North Carolina

During sedation dentistry, patients are essentially put to sleep before their dental work is performed. This is a great option not only for people who are anxious, but also for people who might have some disabilities that make dental work more difficult or complicated. It is safe for people of all ages with our experienced dentist and can be a beneficial way to have dental treatments done comfortably for the patient as well as the dentist.

When you decide upon sedation dentistry, we understand that you might have some questions about what will or will not occur. Our experts are more than happy to discuss with you at length your sedation dentistry options to ensure that it is an option you are comfortable with before scheduling your appointment. If you are putting off dental work due to fear or anxiety, have extensive work to be done or are looking for a relaxing dental visit in the Statesville, North Carolina area, please contact Kotis Family Dentistry to learn more about sedation dentistry options for you.