Cavity Filling, Statesville, NC

The next time you need to have a cavity filling done, come to our office in Statesville, NC.

Cavity Filling, Statesville, NC

When you eat something that contains sugar, this substance interacts with bacteria that naturally occur in your mouth. After this interaction takes place, it forms an acid that eats away at your teeth. Over time, this acid can cause your teeth to develop cavities.

At Kotis Family Dentistry, we can help you determine if you need to have a cavity filling put in one of your teeth. This will ultimately prevent your teeth from decaying and keep the cavity from getting bigger and bigger. If a cavity gets too big to be filled, a cap may have to be put on top of the tooth.

We realize that the cavity filling process can be slightly intimidating for many of our patients in the Statesville, North Carolina area. If you need to get a cavity filled, keep in mind that the process is relatively painless and only takes a short period of time to complete.

Although the development of cavities usually can’t be reversed, there are several things you can do to keep them from forming. For example, brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing once daily can help you avoid cavities. Additionally, coming into our office every six months for a checkup can prevent cavities and help us catch small ones before they get worse.

The next time you need a cavity filling done, turn to us at Kotis Family Dentistry. Our dental professionals will do everything they can to ensure that your experience with us is beneficial.

At Kotis Family Dentistry, we perform cavity fillings for residents of  Statesville, Troutman, Mooresville, Taylorsville, Olin, Harmony, Union Grove, Cleveland, and Stony Point, North Carolina.