General Dentistry, Statesville NC

We are a general dentistry provider located in Statesville, NC, and we are here to serve all of your dental needs.

General Dentistry, Statesville NC
At Kotis Family Dentistry, we are a general dentistry provider located in Statesville, North Carolina, and we are here to serve all of your dental needs. While we are dedicated to using state-of-the-art dental technology and ensuring that you are comfortable and relaxed when you visit our office, one of the main things that sets us apart is the selection of different general dentistry services we provide, including:

  • Cavity fillings—When you come in for a cleaning, we’ll check for cavities and get any existing ones filled right away before they become a larger problem.
  • Dental checkups—At each appointment with our office, we’ll provide you with tips relating to how you can better maintain your beautiful smile for many years to come.
  • Crowns and bridges—Both of these cosmetic dentistry solutions are a great way to complete your smile if one or a few of your teeth are missing or decaying.
  • Teeth whitening—With our teeth whitening services, we can brighten and improve the look of your smile within a short period of time.

We like to keep your smile bright and healthy.

We encourage you to come into our office every six months to get a cleaning and dental checkup done, as well as to discuss your specific dental needs. To make your time with us as beneficial as possible, we’ll work with your schedule, so you can come in when it’s convenient for you. For more information about our general dentistry services or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at Kotis Family Dentistry today.









At Kotis Family Dentistry, we offer general dentistry services to residents of Statesville, Troutman, Mooresville, Taylorsville, Olin, Harmony, Union Grove, Cleveland, and Stony Point, North Carolina.