Dentistry, Statesville, NC

We offer a wide variety of dentistry services in Statesville, NC, including crowns, bridges, extractions, teeth whitening, Invisalign, and more.

465162307 (2)-Dentistry, Statesville, NCWhen you think of the dentist, you might just think of the regular cleaning appointment that you have every six months. This is certainly an important aspect of oral hygiene, but at Kotis Family Dentistry, we offer much more. If you have a problem with one of your teeth, we can do teeth extractions, root canals, crowns, and bridges. We also provide gum therapy for those who have receding gum lines or other issues. During your cleaning, we will talk to you about ways to prevent gum disease. We also offer tooth restorations, which are a great option for those who have lost teeth in accidents or due to other causes. For patients who snore, we can also fit you with an EMA Snore Guard Appliance, which may reduce this problem significantly.

We’ll help maintain your oral and dental health for years to come.

Our dentistry services also include some cosmetic options for those who aren’t happy with the way their teeth look when they smile. We can fit you for bleaching trays to help whiten your teeth and give you a brighter smile. Our dentist also offers Invisalign, which is a great alternative to traditional metal braces. These clear trays will help to straighten your teeth over time, but you can take them out when necessary and you won’t have to worry about the pain of dealing with the metal braces that are often uncomfortable and unsightly.

Our dentistry office is conveniently located in Statesville, North Carolina. We offer appointments Monday through Thursday. If you have questions about our dentistry services, give us a call today.




At Kotis Family Dentistry, we offer high-quality dentistry services to residents of Statesville, Troutman, Mooresville, Taylorsville, Olin, Harmony, Union Grove, Cleveland, and Stony Point, North Carolina.