tooth extractionsHaving teeth pulled isn’t the most exciting procedure to have done, and you may be worried about the process. The good news is tooth extractions are common and may have to be done for a variety of reasons. With a great dentist from Kotis Family Dentistry, any tooth extractions you need will be done as comfortably as possible.

There are several reasons your dentist may suggest having teeth pulled. Some children don’t lose their baby teeth in time for new, permanent teeth to move in properly. If a baby tooth is in the way of adult teeth coming in, you may need to have those teeth extracted to make room for the new teeth. This is also common before getting braces. In order to make room for realignment and moving of teeth, some other teeth (usually baby teeth) will need to be removed. Disease and medical treatments may affect your teeth negatively, causing infection or generally weakened teeth. In these cases, your doctor or dentist may recommend removing these teeth before they cause other health issues.

Tooth extractions will be different for each situation. Generally, you will receive some type of anesthetic during the procedure and may experience some pain or discomfort after the procedure. If you have gone through a major tooth extraction, like wisdom tooth removal, the recovery time will often be a few days longer than a simple tooth extraction.

If you have any question about tooth extractions, give us a call at Kotis Family Dentistry. We will be happy to help you know if you need a tooth extraction done and what to expect.