Three Tips to Help Your Child Maintain Healthy Teeth at Every Life Stage

Being a parent can be hard! And getting kids to brush their teeth can sometimes seem impossible!

Three Tips to Help Your Child Maintain Healthy Teeth at Every Life Stage

As we try our best to ensure that our kids have healthy food and plenty of sleep, and try to nurture their creativity and foster growth in the community and with peers, it can be overwhelming. Oral health care is yet another factor that can be particularly daunting, but here are some tips to make sure your kids are on the best path to ensure their long-term oral health:

Three Tips to Help Your Child Maintain Healthy Teeth at Every Life Stage1. Have them see the dentist at an early age. It’s recommended that your child’s first dental appointment come around the age of one. At this point, your pediatric dentist can help you determine the best methods for keeping your child’s mouth clean, promoting safe and healthy tooth growth and early prevention of oral health problems. By starting with dental visits early on, you’ll be able to help your child acclimate to seeing the dentist on a regular basis.

2. Use a mouth guard when appropriate. As your child grows older, you may think about having them participate in a wide variety of activities, including sports. Because their teeth are still growing and their mouth is changing, it’s important to provide the right protections to prevent injury. Wearing a mouth guard that is fitted to their mouth will help protect their teeth and gums so that they can play sports safely.

3. Teach good oral hygiene habits. Brushing and flossing should be a part of your child’s daily routine as soon as their teeth begin to come in. Asking your dentist about the best types of toothpaste, how to safely floss, and best practices for brushing will promote their sense of self care as they take on the task of caring for their teeth and gums on their own.

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