How a Dentist Can be Your Very Best Friend

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Most of us have never had to think much about our dental care – we either went to the dentist regularly or wished we had later. However, it doesn’t take much to empathize with Chuck Noland, played by Tom Hanks in Cast Away (2000) when he suffers from an abscessed tooth and there isn’t a dentist in sight. Wilson, his trusted companion, isn’t much help either, and he’s faced with using an ice skate to remedy the problem.

“This tooth is just killin’ me. It started out just hurtin’ when I bit down, but now, now it just hurts all the time. All the time. It’s a good thing there’s not much to eat around here, ‘cause I don’t think I could chew it. Just have to keep sucking on all that coconut and all that crab. And to think I used to avoid going to the dentist! Like a kid. I’d avoid it every single chance I got. But now, oh…what I wouldn’t give to have a dentist right in this cave. In fact I wish you were dentist. Yeah, Doctor Wilson. You wanna hear somethin’ funny. Back home in Memphis, my dentist’s name is Doctor James Spalding.” ~Tom Hanks, as Chuck Noland

The moral of the story is that forgoing dental care could end up quite badly. Of course, Chuck had an extreme situation on his hands, but he’s not wrong about how a dentist can be your best friend. An abscess is an infection that can largely be avoided with conscientious oral hygiene habits and regular dental visits. Although Tom didn’t experience it, the infection can spread into other areas of your face or elsewhere in the body.

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If you experience intense oral pain, you’ll feel much like Tom did and want to see a dentist right away. Here at Kotis Family Dentistry, your dentist is always happy to see you. You brighten our day, just like Wilson made Tom’s days on the island more enjoyable. We love to see you smile, and we’ll be your best friend to help you maintain or restore the smile you deserve. And, we promise, we won’t remove any teeth with an ice skate!