Cosmetic dentistry Have you ever had your picture taken, but purposely hid your teeth? We’ve all been self-conscious when pictures are taken, but it shouldn’t be caused by fear of revealing your teeth. At Kotis Family Dentistry, we can help! We offer cosmetic dentistry, which includes teeth whitening and tooth restoration. You can also schedule an appointment to meet with one of our certified cosmetic dentists.

Teeth Whitening- It’s great to have strong, healthy teeth, but you don’t want to show them off if they’re yellow. Come to our office and schedule teeth whitening. It’s a short, pain-free process that will remove stains and enhance the whiteness of your teeth. You’ll look great and feel amazing while showing off that beautiful smile!
Tooth Restoration– We’re all human and make mistakes. Sometimes we don’t brush our teeth thoroughly, or maybe we don’t floss regularly. Either way, this can cause your teeth to decay and lose their functionality. We can help in reversing this process. Our specialists will examine the problem area(s), review you current and past dental history, and work with you in discussing your options in restoring your teeth.
Cosmetic Dentistry– We all know that things in life will happen; whether it’s taking a baseball to the face or chipping a tooth on a hard piece of candy, we have you covered. With our certified specialists at Kotis Family Dentistry, cosmetic dentistry has never been simpler. Schedule a consultation today — even if it’s as simple as taking care of a chipped tooth, we’ve got you covered.