Invisalign, Harmony, NC

You should always go through a licensed dental professional to get Invisalign in the Harmony area.

Invisalign in Harmony, North Carolina
If your teeth aren’t straight or aligned, this is more than just a cosmetic problem. Misaligned teeth can make it difficult to chew, lead to strained jaw muscles, and have an increased risk of breakage. When your teeth are too close together or too far apart, it’s tough to keep them clean, even through regular flossing and brushing. You could suffer from problems like tooth decay, gingivitis, and cavities. These issues all make it clear that treating misaligned teeth is a priority, but many people don’t want to go through the discomfort of wearing traditional braces, especially later in life.

Invisalign is another solution that offers a more comfortable and less obvious way to realign your teeth. You should always go through a licensed dental professional to get Invisalign in the Harmony, North Carolina area. Not only will Invisalign help to fix the alignment issues in your teeth, but it can also correct issues with your bite that can lead to TMJ symptoms like headaches and constant pain.

When you visit us at Kotis Family Dentistry to learn more about Invisalign, the first step in the process involves taking computerized images of your teeth and jaws. From there, we can produce your Invisalign trays, which you should wear for 24 hours per day. About every two weeks, you’ll get a new set of trays, allowing your teeth to move slightly with every switch. These aligners are clear, so it’s not immediately apparent that you’re undergoing tooth realignment treatment. For cosmetic reasons, Invisalign is a great option that delivers results without requiring a mouth full of metal.

At Kotis Family Dentistry, we offer Invisalign to residents of Statesville, Troutman, Mooresville, Taylorsville, Olin, Harmony, Union Grove, Cleveland, and Stony Point, North Carolina.